Arachnophobia Therapy

As well as being a counsellor and psychotherapist I also have specialist knowledge of spiders. This gives me a particular passion for treating arachnophobia as I love helping people to overcome their fears and learn to appreciate these fascinating creatures. 

I understand that arachnophobia can be a serious and debilitating problem for some people that can prevent them from enjoying the outdoors or feeling peaceful in their own homes. The work I do with arachnophobia is sensitive and compassionate (there are deliberately no pictures of spiders on this page!) and will go at completely your own pace. Contact me if you'd like to find out more.

Testimonials of arachnophobia-free clients

"I was once ruled by the fear of spiders. A fear that encroached on my daily life. Through a gentle programme and with unwavering support, Stephanie helped remove that fear and in doing so made me a far superior version of myself."

"Stephanie helped change my life for the better. If I had a friend that needed help who I thought was compatible, I wouldn't think twice about recommending."

"Stephanie always moved at my pace and made me feel comfortable at each step forward."