Stephanie listens carefully, is very supportive and non judgemental whilst also managing to challenge. To me this is the real skill of a supervisor: providing challenge, safety and support. She gave space for everyone, valuing the opinions of each of her supervisees thus allowing us each to expand our knowledge and benefit from a diverse group. This also shows a useful lack of ego, which can be rare. I found her observations deepened my understanding and awareness. The more I worked with her, the more I valued what she brought to the group as a whole and to me personally.

I was a member of Stephanie's supervision group at Brent Bereavement Services for one year from March 2014 to February 2015. My experience of Stephanie is that she is able to tune in very sensitively to both the client presented as well as our experience of the client and any difficulties we may be having. She is always supportive and allowed us space as trainees to explore our own feelings and thoughts towards the clients presented. What I particularly enjoyed about Stephanie was her willingness to share her thoughts about being a therapist and setting up in private practice. She often provided us with additional hand-outs on a particular topic that our client work brought up. I also learnt a lot from Stephanie's presence in the sense that I found her warm, calm, grounded and professional. As a client I think I would experience her as very 'safe'. I would welcome the opportunity of working with her again. Sally Turberville Smith (trainee integrative transpersonal therapist)

Stephanie has been my counselling supervisor on a fortnightly basis for the past year and I have been more than happy with her in all respects. Her experience and insight has been invaluable on numerous occasions, pointing out things I have missed and other possibilities, which has always been done in a friendly, constructive and professional manner. I would recommend her without reservation.


I am qualified (with a Diploma in Integrative Supervision) to supervise the work of other counsellors and psychotherapists. 
I would describe my philosophy of supervision as integrativepanoramic (for want of a better word) and supportive. Let me explain...
Integrative: I see the integrative model not just as a therapy approach, but as a mindset and philosophy. It’s an approach that I see as appropriate for the endless diversity of the human condition: no two clients will ever be the same, and so a way of working is needed that allows for creativity and flexible thinking. This philosophy translates well to supervision since an intersubjective perspective allows me to comfortably supervise a wide variety of counsellor approaches. 
Panoramic: By which I mean that I try to hold multiple perspectives when looking at a counsellor's presented material. This approach is described by Shohet & Hawkins as the 'Seven-eyed model', which moves between 7 different modes or perspectives: 
Mode 1 - Focus on the client and what and how they present.
Mode 2 - Supervisee's strategies and interventions.
Mode 3  - Client-supervisee relationship (including transference/countertransference issues)
Mode 4 - Focus on the supervisee.
Mode 5 - Supervisory relationship.
Mode 6 - Supervisor process.
Mode 7 - Wider work context (including organisational context, and the wider world of the supervisee).
Supportive: In the caring professions, burn-out and emotional fatigue can be common. I see it as an important part of my role as a supervisor to offer much needed emotional support, and to help the supervisee to keep self care as a priority.  

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